Replica Furniture and the Return of Mid-Century Modern Style

While 2015 is starting to wrap up, we look ahead to 2016 for inspiration in design, architecture and the hottest trends of the upcoming season. Without a doubt, one of the top contenders is the re-emergence of mid-century modern style with its retro furniture and bold colour palettes. As we storm into spring, the weather is getting warmer and the days longer; it’s easy to get excited about making changes in your home that reflect your personality and sense of style. Let’s be honest here, how many of us have the time to completely redecorate, paint and buy new pieces for our home? Don’t worry, you can completely change the look of any space and inject a burst of style and sophistication with a few key pieces that won’t break your budget.

Affordable and Stylish Designs

Replica furniture provides the opportunity for everyday Australians to own a piece of iconic furniture in their own home, whatever your budget. Nick Scali Online wants to help you to realise the dream of owning a piece of furniture that is stylish, durable and recognised all over the world. While the idea of replica furniture is hardly ground-breaking, it offers the best of both worlds with retro, iconic designs made using modern materials and building techniques that are built to last. While still in its first year, Nick Scali’s online store has enjoyed a surge in popularity due to its low price point and great quality. More than that, each piece is built to the exact specifications as the original.

Nick Scali Online

The first time you have a look through, you’ll notice the impressive range of products on offer. Classic styling with a retro edge, strong bold profiles and fun colours as far as the eye can see. Stylish yet still functional, each piece was created in a time where designers, architects and fashionistas were breaking all the rules and creating pieces that stood out amongst the crowd. The easy-to-use website allows you to buy from the comfort of your own home and have your brand new piece delivered to your door. Convenience, customer service and a great range means Nick Scali Online has everything you need to pick and choose the piece that’s right for your space. The best part is that a Nick Scali Online is different to other online retailers in that you can see select items in person and ‘try before you buy’ with a number of showrooms offering a range of online items for your perusal.

Embracing Your Individual Style

In a digital age that offers boundless accessibility and lightning fast information, everyone has access to mediums such as Instagram, Pinterest and blogs that allow you to research and be inspired how you want your home to look and feel before taking the plunge and making a purchase. With names such as Noguchi, Eames, Wegner, Saarinen, Nelson, Bertoia and more, this retro trend is not only eye-catching but offers versatility with pieces that are suited to young couples, all the way up to large families. With designers in Europe, America and even Australia, this period was marked with stylistic influences such as Scandinavian and Danish minimalism all the way through to the ‘Space Age’ trend of the 1960’s that exudes timeless sophistication that’s always on trend. After 50 years in the furniture industry, Nick Scali recognises the importance of value and quality in our products as well as designs that are always in style.