This page showcases a range of different looks with Nick Scali furniture. Use the navigation in the lower right section of the image above to browse a range of looks, ranging from sophisticated greys, to loud reds and aquas. This tool is simply designed to give you some ideas what our products could look like together. Many of the images include a lounge, coffee table, rug, etc that are available at our Nick Scali showrooms. Select the magnify glass on the product to learn more about the product.

When trying to decide on a look or a piece of furniture consider the following elements;


You would be surprised how many of our customers order larger lounge configurations that don't fit in their apartments or even through their door or stairwell. Size is an important element to consider when purchasing any piece of furniture, a large lounge for example in a smaller living room will dominate the space and will make your living space feel smaller. Nick Scali offers a variety of compact sofas and recliner models that can be managed in a smaller space. Larger lounge models like models Peace or Pearson are naturally suited to larger living areas.

Dining Tables also offer a dilemma of sorts regarding size. As a small family for example do you go for a large 8 seater that you may use for a dinner party 3 times a year? Alternatively benefiting from the extra daily space and looking at a table with an expandable extension may be a better decision for your space.


Colour and the way you use it will also have a great impact on the look of your living space. Greys and Whites create a sophisticated look, while warmer lounge colours like red and aqua can bring a neutral living room to life. In the inspiration shots above you will notice we have hand picked many off our coffee tables and lounges that work well together from a colour and form sense. In summary you should try and use colour to either break things up a little, or to compliment and create a complete mood and feel.


The material your furniture (particular tables) is constructed from will also go a long way to creating a certain look or feel. Earthy, rustic, recycled timbers have made a huge resurgence in recent years with people being attracted to the warm aesthetic which timber transcends. Other popular table tops such as glass and the newer reinforced concrete varieties create a much more clean and clinical feel.

The upholstery and materials used in lounges is another quite big decision lounge buyers will have to make. Leather typically outlasts a fabric lounge however leather lounges usually cost more. Your family's lifestyle such as young children and pets can all be factors that may influence the decision between a leather or fabric lounge.(More info about Nick Scali's leather choices here).

The right material choice your furniture is constructed from will hopefully come to you much easier then debating a colour for example. Many customers tell us they are are a wood person or a leather person for example, if this sounds like you we probably recommend going with your heart.

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