Dear Valued Customers,

We wish to advise you that recent shipping issues continue to worsen and there will be further delays on custom made lounge items.

Nick Scali, like many other retailers and industries that rely on global shipping, have been significantly impacted by the deterioration of sea freight caused by the pandemic. Many countries have recently unexpectedly shut down their entire logistics industry in response to COVID-19. One of the world’s largest ports in the South China province of Guangdong has closed entirely following a significant rise in cases of COVID-19. The follow on impacts of this have been felt globally, with shipping containers being loaded onto ships but unable to be shipped for periods of up to 4 weeks.

Seen across multiple reports, the shipping lines have reduced the number of ships coming to Australia and New Zealand which has caused further delays as demand for containers exceed supply.

Nick Scali continues to do everything within our control to minimise delays, including paying premium prices for priority containers, initiating additional delivery routes, hiring extra customer service staff as well as increasing warehouse staff to receive goods so that any backlog of customers’ orders are delivered as soon as they are released at the ports around Australia.

We do aplogise for the inconvenience and the frustration this situation has caused. Please be assured when quoting Lead times, Nick Scali does so based on the shipping situation at that time and it was never the intention to mislead our customers. We will continue to work closely with all of our partners to deliver you the best possible experience despite significant impacts being experienced globally at the current time.

As a result of these issues, Nick Scali has continued to extend Lead times based on what we know now and allowing for shipping delays. We have now adjusted our lead time to 12-16 weeks. Whilst, this is an approximation, future lead times remain unknown and are subject to changes based on this developing situation. We continue to update these lead times regularly and will provide all our current and future customers our best estimate at the time of order.

For more information on recent news regarding shipping delays please see the links below.

Warm Regards

Nick Scali Team


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