Scali Sleep 10 Year Warranty


What your Scali Sleep Warranty covers:

A guarantee that within 10 years of purchasing, your Scali sleep mattress will be replaced at Nick Scali’s discretion for any manufacturing defects of the mattress.  The warranty covers excessive body imprints only. In the general course of use, if you find the body imprint you have left on the mattress is larger than 10% of the mattress height, we will assess it as a warranty case.  

The warrant does not apply in the case of wrong bed base used.


What your Scali Sleep Warranty does not cover:

  • Normal body impression. This is a normal occurrence on the quilted surface of the mattress as the upholstery layers are conforming to your body contours and weight. Any depression of less than 10% of the original mattress height is considered normal and is not covered under the warranty.
  • Soiled or brunt mattress
  • Damage due to improper usage and handling or abuse.
  • Mattress smell – it is normal for a new foam mattress to have a natural odour. The smell will usually disappear relatively quickly when placed in a ventilated room to air out.
  • Damage caused by moving the mattress. Warranty is not covered if you tear any seam or bend the board frame while rotating the mattress or moving in general.
  • Firmness & comfort preference. If over the course of use, you find your mattress does not meet your firmness or comfort expectation, this is not covered under warranty.
  • Minor manufacturing defects e.g a small loose stitch or small tear that can be fixed with minor hand sewing.
  • General tear and wear
  • Sheet fit


What bed bases revoke the Scali Sleep Warranty?

  • Scali sleep mattress have a zone pocket spring system which is designed to work on any firm flat surface or slatted bed base. If our mattresses are used with sprung or adjustable bed bases this will void the warranty. Please be aware sprung or adjustable bed bases can interfere and damage the springs, changing the feel and performance of the mattress and are therefore not covered by our warranty.
  • If a slatted bed base is used with our mattress, please ensure the distance between each slat is less than 6cm. The zoned pocket springs in our mattress have a diameter of 7cm, so any gap wider than 6cm will mean a significant number of springs are unsupported and will affect both the feel and longevity of the mattress.